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Helmet Head Smell Proof Bags Sale for 2 more days

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  • Aug 2nd, 2021 4:23 pm
Sep 29, 2014
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Toronto, ON

Helmet Head Smell Proof Bags Sale for 2 more days

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August 4, 2021
Touch of Modern
Touch of Modern is having a sale on Helmet Head smell proof bags for anyone of you folks that wanna keep your smelly herbs discreet. I just got myself a XL one... I know the lock will come in handy as I dont want my roommate sticking their hands in there haha. Only downside is its USD, but the exchange is pretty decent right now
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Aug 25, 2019
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Surprised they don't have one without branding Astonished Face...So I am assuming tinfoil and baggies don't work well?? How about using one of those home sealers?

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Apr 10, 2011
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It took me a while to "wrap my head" around this:

"Helmet Head Smell Proof Bags"

Does your head smell?
Because you wear a helmet?
Would a bag on your head inside the helmet prevent the smell?
Wouldn't that be quite uncomfortable?
Do I need this? Face With Tears Of Joy