Transfer Car Ownership - BC

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Dec 17, 2017
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Transfer Car Ownership - BC

A family member is gifting me a vehicle. I have BCAA optional coverage on my current vehicle. In order to transfer insurance to new car do I need to go to a BCAA location or any auto plan broker.

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Aug 21, 2009
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Your local autoplan agent will get you sorted.
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A local autoplan agent will not be able to transfer your BCAA optional coverage.

Unless they choose to phone the BCAA 800 number on your behalf as a value-added service. Unlikely.

More likely they will want to quote you on the optional product they do sell.

Either they or a BCAA location can handle the APV9T form to register and licence the gifted vehicle with ICBC Basic coverage, but only a BCAA location can do the BCAA Optional coverage.

Take your pick:
- go to an Autoplan Agent to do the transfer, get new plates, Basic insurance and then phone BCAA, or,
- go to a BCAA location and do everything in one step