Transit Warehouse Rotors and Brakes

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  • Oct 8th, 2023 6:48 pm
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May 9, 2003
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Never heard of them. They are probably low end whitebox rotors.

Stick with brand name premium-line rotors.

With rotors, you really get what you pay for.
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Sep 8, 2017
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Sounds like generic no-name garbage. At least get name brand garbage like Dorman or A1Auto.
Oct 31, 2017
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Thanks for the replies. I definitely needed a second opinion because the price looked good.
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Sep 22, 2005
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You'll be surprised that some quality rotors and pads don't cost more than these cheap no name parts. Power Stop and EBC (manufactured in UK and US) have decent and sometimes cheaper prices than no name on EBC Brakes sells their rotors by the pair (not each) for my car around $100'ish and they are one of the best. Centric Premium rotors go for $70 regularly.

Check out for different part numbers and look them up on the net or buy from them using 5% discount codes.
Oct 31, 2017
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hightech wrote: They sell Raybestos which is decent brand. I would go with that instead
Thanks for the tip! Trying to get familiar with the car part brands.
You miss shots you don't take.
Jan 15, 2016
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Toronto, ON
I am going to try them anyway. Guess I will know better if they are any good in a couple years.
Interesting enough I have never heard of them either but this is what yelp said about them (below). I would have thought someone would know about them if this is true.

"About the Business
Operating since 1971, Transit is the largest auto parts warehouse in eastern Canada. We manufacture superior quality and advanced car parts. We offer a wide range of parts and accessories for cars, light trucks and trailers, such as brakes, suspension, filtering, chemicals, electrical accessories, lighting, wipers and much more. At Transit, we simplify your life. With us, you can order car parts and accessories with a click: E-Catalog for finding parts; The fastest and most efficient on-line ordering system in the industry; Exceptional service and readily available experts; A 97% fill rate; Same day shipping; Orders ready for pick-up in 20 minutes or less; Returns are processed in less than 24 hours. Our priority is your satisfaction. This is our commitment.

Established in 1971.

2013 marks Transit's first acquisition, with the purchase of CMX Automotive in Ontario.Our Toronto branch's inventory is then moved in the CMX premises, and the first Transit/CMX operations begins in July 2013. The specialized brake line offered by CMX joins the high-quality products already distributed in Ontario, therefore ensuring to offer a diverse quality the customers.

Meet the Business Owner
Business owner information
Photo of Stephan G.
Stephan G.
Business Owner
In 1994, the business changes its name and becomes Transit Warehouse Inc. Mr. Guay hands over the reins to his son Stéphane, and the business then knows experienced tremendous growth. The annual sales increased by 30%, even recently during the global economic crisis. The warehouse is expanded twice, first in 1996 and then in 1998. The following year, a second building of 10,000 square-foot storage opens, but it shortly becomes too small. Even the 35,000 square feet used by Transit from July 2000 to June 2008 would eventually be too small!"
Oct 20, 2020
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Can you give us an update on your Transit rotors? how did it work out ? :)
Nov 24, 2020
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Farmer75 or User 258618 ... any thoughts on these rotors? I'm considering them for a Benz.
Aug 7, 2021
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I recommend not using them on anything you rely on for daily transport. Put a set of TW rotors and pads on my Honda and 4 months later had to pull them as the vibrations when braking were insane, and the rotors are unevenly scored and rusty.
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Mar 23, 2004
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Pretty sure "Transit Warehouse" is not an actual manufacturer. They're just a distributor of parts and as such has a...warehouse lol. They must have expanded into "making" and selling their own brake parts at some point.

They do indeed have a website:

My thinking is these are just going to be various brand "white box" brakes, from wherever they source them from and slap their name on it. They could have multiple lines of products and ones that aren't branded anything could just be cheap jobber stuff you should only use to sell or trade a car that needs working brakes to safety or whatever. It seems "Genius" is supposed to be their better brake parts brand and at least offers coated parts.

Actually that said, perhaps the "GCR" prefix in the part# OP posted is supposed to be "Genius Coated Rotor"? Even if they are, they're still classed and sold as a lower-tier or "economy" part so I wouldn't expect the world here. If they are coated though, it could at least make them better than other cheap parts.
Sep 6, 2023
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If you live in an area that salts the roads in the winter, I'd get coated rotors. Whatever is cheaper between raybestos element 3 or power stop evolution geomet. Check rock auto for pricing.