Travel site wont let me book using odd number of people?

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Travel site wont let me book using odd number of people?

Ok so related to my question here (price-keeps-changing-up-after-trying-book-1766849/) , I am trying to book a vacation for 5 adults and 1 infant (6 month old)

I am getting 2 rooms: 3 adults and 1 infant in one room, and 2 adults in the other room.

The system is not letting me do this, anyone know why? it is telling the room occupancy is not consistent or something like that....

I know I can do two seperate bookings, but if I do that, don't I risk the chance of getting two rooms that are far away from each other? like one in the 3rd floor and the other on the first floor and so on, when I want them to be side by side. And I know if I have to ask the hotel, they will say everything is booked.

-Do travel agents have the authority to override this and allow me to book 2 rooms for 5 adults/1 infant at once?

I know there is probably a reason behind it, but it just doesn't make sense why these travel sites/systems don't allow me to do this. If the room can accommodate 3 adults and 1 infant (and it says it does) why won't it allow me to book it?
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Jun 15, 2015
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Same thing as your other post- soft voyage does not allow this. You can make 2 seperate bookings or call in to have an agent do it for you.

& yes, used to be an agent still work in travel but more behind the scenes.
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Yap, make 2 bookings. Then contact them to link the 2 bookings together, so they know to try to put you together.