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**Maldives** Angsana Ihuru ($3275) & Angsana Velavaru ($4595))

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  • Nov 17th, 2020 9:46 am
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kashman wrote: Really conflicted between the Ihuru and the You and me Cocoon deal that was posted back in Sep that I did purchase. Some key differences:
* 5 vs 7 nights for almost the same price (Y&M was $3199 for the water villa)
* beach vs water villa
* to and fro transport covered vs additional ~$1100 CAD for Y&M
* $350 daily credit to use on activities vs out of pocket expense for any activities
* Only 1 dining option vs 4-5 different restaurants at Y&M
* Lunch at H2O underwater restaurant at Y&M

Ihuru sounds like a good deal overall but still tough decision. Open to suggestions.
Depends why you want to go. If you just want to take pictures to put on Instagram then do the over-water since it'll be more impressive; nevermind the resort is basically brand new so it'll probably be fancier. Another important consideration is that this is an adults only resort, so if you are going for a honeymoon this may be a significant factor (not that there are many kids normally, but even 1 can be a lot if it's the noisy species!).

If you want the better experience for the price I think Ihuru is better. I tend to be stingy on excursions, but really in the end they can be the most memorable. You should price out what you intend to do so get a sense of how much you'll be spending extra at the other resort (full price list is on the website - spending hundreds per hour for 2 is very easy though!). Ihuru is known as one of islands with the best house reefs, so the primary 'free' activity (ie, snorkeling) will be amazing at least. The other resort appears to be average at best. If it's anything like the other 'good house resorts' I have been to, you can expect to swim in schools of 100+ fish - trust me, super unforgettable. Then it's the over-water vs beach argument; don't want to rehash my previous posts too much, but the main reasons I prefer beach is: 1) privacy - your backyard is completely isolated and you can do what you want there, your over-water will have some kind of divider, but once you get in the water 100% public; 2) convenience - over-water means you are walking on a boring potentially super long walkway many times a day, if you are going on a hot season may mean you have to wear/bring shoes (I know, super first world problems); 3) being on the water is better in theory than practice because there are probably rocks down there, and who knows what the tide is at your house, sometimes up to your knees only? you have no idea; the people who gush about seeing a fish from their villa have not snorkeled anywhere impressive before because they don't build the villas on top of reefs for obvious reasons; 4) predictability - beach villa means you'll always have a nice beach and oceanfront you can go to, if you have an over-water and you want a beach it is bad etiquette to camp out outside someone's house so you need to find a 'public' area; does not help that Y&M is a really small island (reviews say you can do a lap in 10 minutes) and I know that having my own beach space was important to me. If you don't mind hanging out at the pool Cancun style then this is less of an issue.

Ultimately, the thing about Maldives is basically everyone will go away happy - just look at all the reviews, like 90% are 5* positive because it is such an amazing place it is hard to disappoint. Unless you go back multiple times it is hard to pick out deficiencies since you just have nothing else to compare to. My way of saying there is no wrong choice. Good luck.
Aug 10, 2020
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Sounds like a wicked deal but does the country require you to get tested or quarantine for x amount of days? Like Canada