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I’m looking to buy a treadmill. My trusty Costco one finally died after 13 years. Looking for something like a Life Fitness, Precor etc.

Any recommendations?

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boomie wrote: Any recommendations?

Most used treadmills are bought with the best of intentions but are lightly used. If you have the means to transport from seller's home to yours, e.g. van, a couple of strong people, you'll save a ton of money compared to new.

Before you go look at a possible used treadmill, download and read the User's Manual from the manufacturer's website. This will give you information on using the control panel to look up history, e.g. number of hours, total distance, even error/maintenance history, that will give you some idea of wear and tear. Beware of high-end gear like Precor that's come from a commercial gym and has reached end-of-life.

That said, the pandemic lockdown is going affect what's available and prices. But that applies to new as well.
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I have no opinion of this brand one way or another - but they seem to be one of the few that has stock

good quality - stock is hard to find but does appear now and then including the S77 model from Costco.

I have a Life Fitness T3 new light-commercial-grade treadmill. Its not as good as a commercial gym model but has the same features.
I got it from treadmill store.. one upside is it shares many parts with its gym line so parts and repairs are easier to get. Its pricey because of its name, I would probably get a solo next time for the better-bang-for-the-buck.

I've seen reconditioned precor gym models - they are very pricey compared to new consumer. I would not get a non-reconditioned precor/lifefitness or other ex-gym model as they are still pricey and most like burned out from wear and tear.
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