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Tree removal?

3.2 Permit not required - trees within buildings or structures
Notwithstanding Article 2 of this by-law, a permit is not required for the mJury or destruction of a tree within a building or structure, a solarium, rooftop garden, an interior courtyard having a soil depth of less than 1.5 metres above a built substructure, nursery and a fruit tree that provides fruit for human consumption.

What exactly does does within building or structure mean?
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Jan 19, 2011
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It means a tree within a building or structure. Where's the issue with that?
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Oct 19, 2008
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Hmmm....throw a $300 deck around a tree to circumvent the tree removal bylaws? Ground level on deck blocks so no permit built deck, use old lumber from someone taking down a deck to sell it as not built yesterday.

Toronto Bylaw Definitions:
(835) Structure
means anything that is erected, built or constructed of one or more parts joined together. A vehicle is not a structure.