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Troubleshooting low airflow out of one supply duct

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  • Mar 12th, 2022 8:40 pm
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Troubleshooting low airflow out of one supply duct

In a 3 level townhome with forced Air heating. There are two supply vents on the top floor and one vent, on the same side of the house as the furnace, has never had great output. There are no dampers for this vent as far I can tell (I've looked into the duct and I've checked accessible lines in the basement). The second supply vent (which is the other side of the house farthest from the furnace) has solid output. In short, with adjusting dampers it seems I can get solid output from every vent in the house except this one. It's been this way since I moved in. If the other vent on the top floor has poor flow then I may chalk it up to the run length but it's just the one.

I've read about the places that do aeroseal but I'm not sure it makes sense to spend $3k for that localized of an issue.

Do some of the standard HVAC maintenance places do this type of troubleshooting? Like using an inspection camera and maybe some other tools to see if they can figure out if there's a blockage/leak or maybe it's just a design flaw.

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