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Trying to decide between soundbars

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Dec 21, 2014
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Trying to decide between soundbars

I'm in the market for a soundbar, can't do surround sound as I just don't have the space. I recently ordered the LG LAP240 Soundplate (link below). It's a 4.1 channel with 100 watts for $150 plus tax from walmart, but i'm looking at returning it. I'm looking for one to be used for music & movies ... 0187229447

I was looking at a few others from the source which are 2.1, but have higher wattage & separate subwoofers. I was hoping for a recommendation.

1. Sony HTCT260 $129 (refurbished) - 300 watts ... /108019287

2. Samsung HW-F450 $129 (damaged box) - 300 watts ... /108019287

3. Samsun HW-J430 $169 (refurbished) - 290 watts ... /108041994

Hoping to stay under $200 after taxes & shipping. Basically wondering if it's better to have a higher wattage but only 2.1, or a lower wattage and 4.1. Don't really care if there's a seperate sub or not, as I don't want a ton of bass, just enough is good. Thanks for your help!
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