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Trying to install a BOAXEL system... which option would be more secure?

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  • Mar 11th, 2022 10:28 pm
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Mar 14, 2018
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Trying to install a BOAXEL system... which option would be more secure?

I have a closet that's 109cm wide (3ft 7in). I want to install a BOAXEL system (most affordable and I like the clean look). Because BOAXEL shelves/rails come in either 60cm or 80cm, I have a couple of options. Trying to decide which would be more secure.

If I use a 60cm shelf, I can install two uprights each on a stud (middle and right end) and place the 60cm shelf on them. Then, I can install two more uprights, one on the left end stud and another on drywall in between the studs, and place two adjustable shelves. See the picture below -- red lines indicate stud locations.

option A.png

If I use a 80cm shelf, I'd need to install a mounting rail that can be installed on two studs (middle and right end), install two uprights at the ends (only one will be installed on a stud and another one on drywall), and place the 80cm shelf on them. Then, I can install one more upright on the stud on the left end and place one adjustable shelf.

option B.png

Which option do you think would be more secure?

(Note that mounting rails also only come in two options - 60cm and 80cm)
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Nov 24, 2014
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Have you looked at the more traditional/standard systems of adjustable shelving?
It's equally clean looking -and- has better support and longevity. (meaning they are all pretty much cross compatible and you won't have to worry about IKEA discontinuing the system.)
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Dec 29, 2019
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First option seems more secure. Just have a 60cm suspension rail go across the left side so it can secure into studs and your middle short rail can hang securely.

Though if all you are storing is clothing and not rocks, I think either would be fine as long as you have the suspension rails go across studs.

You COULD also make two 60cm suspension rails work if you have enough room to stagger them (one on left side, one on right going higher), then arranging the vertical rails so the slots for shelves are still aligned but that would look kinda messed lol.