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TurboTax & ufile - Manual line selection?

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  • Mar 14th, 2019 6:21 pm
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TurboTax & ufile - Manual line selection?

I've been doing our taxes this week and tried both TurboTax and ufile websites for it. I have encountered an issue on both that I am unsure how to solve so I'm hoping someone here knows what to do. Basically I get 2 T4a documents from my union for LTD and RRSP (with an accompanying RRSP slip to offset). The document that the union provides in my tax package had the following notice:

"note: If the “other income” is entered on line 130, as some tax programs and tax preparers do automatically, it will not qualify as earned income to increase contribution room for the following year. To qualify as earned income, it must be reported on line 104."

Both programs are entering the information in to line 130 and I can not figure out how to change it to 104. Is there any way for me to accomplish that in either piece of software?
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Perhaps not. I've never used either piece of software, but I believe they're set to "easy mode" and will not let you make select lines or make changes that could "mess up your taxes".

You can download StudioTax for free, or go to the SimpleTax site. Both of free, and either will let you control your tax return.


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