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Type of odor removal (edit, I took out disinfectant) to use, for rat urine smell

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  • Jul 6th, 2021 2:25 pm
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Type of odor removal (edit, I took out disinfectant) to use, for rat urine smell

I have a 300 sq. foot crawlspace (3 foot high space to work in), where rats got in. This crawlspace had insulation between the floor joists, which I have all pulled out. It has been vented for the past month, but I can still not get rid of the rat urine smell.

The next step I am going to take is spray the underside of the floor, and all joist with a odor removal. Couple choices I have is to use a dry fogger, or spray it on with a 1 gallon sprayer.

I am having a problem in deciding on what odor removal to use. CDC suggest bleach, but does anyone else have a good idea on what product I should use.

Thanks beforehand
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I was going to say bleach/water mix. Been using this for many disinfectant at home such as floor, door mat, washroom, etc.
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Can't think of it now but there's cleaning stuff for that. Some enzyme based though some say white vinegar (usually 5 but can be 7 or 10% acetic acid) works too.
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Nature's Miracle - I usually buy mine at Petsmart

Best enzyme cleaner for pet messes including vomit, urine and feces.
I would use the enzyme cleaner to get rid of the smell, then disinfect to make sure it's germ free.
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There’s a difference between disinfectant and odor removal. You may need to think about both, although disinfecting a space that nobody spends time in may not be as much of a priority.



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