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FREE Udemy Courses (July 20th)

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FREE Udemy Courses (July 20th)

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Jun 15, 2020
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Background: I've used Udemy quite a bit and have been on-and-off on 2 programming courses that I paid for on discount (<$5 total). I don't necessarily regret any of my purchases, though I can and do use YouTube tutorials a lot more.

Now, about this post: Stay away from these "free" Udemy Courses, please. I went through a few of the links and they aren't even worth the money you would spend on the data to stream the videos. It's a common tactic to put a course as free, get a lot of views and stars and ratings so that when the discount is over some poor soul actually buys the course.

The "Certification Course for Machine Learning, " for instance, is made by an Indian Kid* with a Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering, and the sample videos seem to be him talking inaudibly with a black and white PPT. The Adobe Illustrator one looks decent and pretentious at first but it's pretty much the same thing once you actually go through the sample lessons. The SQL course is slightly better in the sense that it has circa-2007 PowerPoint slides with animations.

Don't pollute your Udemy Course List with these horrible courses. Not only that, you will inadvertently hurt the few genuine teachers who use Udemy as a platform by giving these courses attention. If you are interested in Udemy Courses, please please PLEASE make sure you go through the Sample Lessons and do a Google Search on the instructors. One of the courses I bought is updated every few months, the instructor is active and answers doubts, and manages a Discord for people to discuss DSA questions. So yes, there are some good courses out there. These are not one of them.

*No racism intended, I'm from that region too.


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