Unlocked cell phone, 150-250$

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Unlocked cell phone, 150-250$

My daughter has a Motorola G4 that I bought a while ago for 150$. She loves it, but somehow it now seems to destroy SD cards, and internal storage is kinda insufficient.

Looking for a similarly priced phone (say, 150$ up to 250$ CAD) that would be the best deal for her. We're going to the States this week, so the deal can be available only the US. Of course, Canada or ordering from overseas would also be OK.

Needs to be an unlocked cell phone. She's with Public Mobile on a 15$/month plan, and that's plenty for her.
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If you like Moto phones then look at the G6/G7 and their variants. sells them in unlocked international versions. Amazon also sells many other makes and models in this price range.

Google also sells Moto phones with discounts for activating them on Google Fi. Save $100-$150 by activating for one month at $20, then suspending/terminating service. All Google-sold phones are unlocked. Google Fi can be useful if you visit the US and/or go overseas regularly and need cell coverage. See the RFD Roaming SIMs for Travelers thread for more details.

In both cases you'll need to have an Amerifriend who will let you use their address, etc.

Another option is B&H Photo, They ship to Canada but the lowest net prices will be in the US.
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How about Kijiji
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