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Uoft Dental Clinic For Crowns

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Oct 23, 2019
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Uoft Dental Clinic For Crowns

Has anyone gotten a crown from the uoft dental clinic? Have you had a good experience? I’ve registered as a patient but I’m worried that the procedure will be poorly performed and I should just go to my regular dentist for the crown (even though it’s $900+)
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I'm sure the student will be supervised and if they can't do it, they should obviously tell you. Before you cancel, find out from them what kind of oversight is there? This may help to make your decision easier.
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We recently took our teenage daughter to the clinic at Western (cheated on our regular dentist) because we were told she needed a crown. Without insurance coverage, we thought we would check it out. First visit was three hours and that is also the standard appointment length. All the visits take much longer because it is for teaching. Anyway, the two students (3rd year) work in teams at Western did the initial examination. The a staff dentist took a look and sent her for a panoramic xray. They then got another staff doctor to look at it. Result = no crown required which was opposite to what our normal dentist said. So who do we trust? We’re just going to see what happens for now (seemingly nothing). Cost of visit with x-rays was $68.

We would not hesitate. If fact, I’m going next week for my first visit.

I would think that U of T has a similar operation. If you have the time I would not hesitate. Let us know what happens!


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