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Up/downside of lockdown in terms of shopping

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  • Apr 24th, 2021 1:03 pm
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Dec 12, 2019
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Up/downside of lockdown in terms of shopping

For Ontario buyers these days in the forum, I see a lot of frustrated comments over items sold at Walmart or in store pricing item.

But I remember one year ago around this time, there were lots of good deals and I bought stuff on sale (even tho I really needed them Face With Tears Of Joy).
And I feel like I am seeing such clearance items during lockdown since the retailers need to make cash flow. I hope to see more buying opportunities for goods during lockdown from Costco, Home Depot, Canadian Tire and Sportcheck

Also it helps that I buy less since the store is not open and I don’t rush to the store by peer pressure. I’d think twice about my purchase due to the hassle of return and etc.

Anyone here with me?
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Feb 7, 2017
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General shopping habits during the Pandemic has been discussed a lot on RFD during the past year

Typically in the various threads about grocery stores (and Costco & Walmart)
Prob cuz no matter what ... we all got to buy food

And depending on ones vulnerability or comfort level ...
Folks are finding ways to make that shopping continue for them
Be it groceries ... or any other goods

Be it in person (regular hours) - in person (vulnerable hours) - online for curbside pick up - online for Store Service Delivery - online for Canada Post / Courier Delivery (non perishables) - or online for 3rd Party Delivery ... like InstaCart, UberEats, Home Booze Delivery, etc for Perishables or Same Day Delivery

There’s definitely a trade off going on ... at all levels
Be it the risk of getting Covid
Or the bigger bucks being spent to change ones shopping patterns
As Shipping or Delivery are almost always more money for BOTH the store and the Consumer

Personally, all our in shopping is way down since March 2020
Unless my area is in a Green or Yellow Zone we’ve stayed home more
And up to Orange Zone ... we’d be using Vulnerable Hours
Red Zone ... we strictly function on curbside pick ups ... or go without

Been a lot of going without in 2020 / 2021
We’ve learned to make do with what we have
And eat our way thru the fridge, freezer & pantry more often

All the shopping we do do are planned events
We do it less often ... and for bigger orders
Be that groceries ... or our trips to Costco
Or online ordering from any other store


We’ve always been folks to keep an ongoing list of needs & wants anyhow ... waiting for the right price
But now it’s more a case of a list to take advantage of not just sales
But perhaps also shipping costs
Or ... trips to any possible pick up location
Also with the mindfulness ... that anything we do order ... someone else (one or many individuals) are also put at risk to get these items to us

So ... big orders made less often make more sense than a multitude of smaller orders

Lol... Deals, truly don’t matter as much as they used to

I know there will be plenty of time to look for deals in the future
Esp as Retailers are gonna have a lot of leftover stock they’ve not sold this past year
That “stuff” had to all end up somewhere

And even though we’ve definitely spent more on many of the things we have bought this past year
Be it cuz of shipping, mark ups (like vs Warehouse pricing), home delivery service etc
Truth is our overall spending is way down

Cuz at our age ... a big chunk of our budget in the past has gone to the retirement life ... travel, hobbies, entertainment, exercise, dining out etc
And well ... generally just buying & doing whatever we like
So besides all that gone
We also notice we’ve been concentrating just on the necessities ... and not so much on buying “stuff”
No doubt after the pandemic is over
There will be a Spending Boom
As people get back to doing things they enjoy ... and miss
But I know at our house ... we’ll be buying less stuff ... just for stuff sake


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