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Upper Canada College - Seeking opinions

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Jul 8, 2007
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Upper Canada College - Seeking opinions


My son has been accepted into UCC for high school which feels like quite an accomplishment. And yet, I’m hesitant.

- great teachers, low student teacher ratio
- outstanding facilities
- high standards including from peers
- networking

- elitism and conservatism (not wrong, just not our leaning)
- bro culture
- breeding a mindset of superiority and entitled privilege vs. humanism, compassion, egalitarianism and empathy for those unlike oneself

I could be off on some or all so I’d appreciate knowledgeable insights. Thanks very much.
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Dec 27, 2013
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I don't know much about the culture in various private schools, but assuming that your list of pros and cons is accurate, you can find those pros in other places and avoid the cons. Also, even if the class sizes aren't quite as small, or the facilities aren't quite as modern, you'd need to ask yourself if those benefits outweigh the fact that you'd be sending your child into an environment in which he'll be surrounded by peers who do not share your family's cultural, social, political etc. values. Given the fact that you are considering UCC as an option at all it's safe to assume that your family is able to provide your child access to resources and supports at home that would mitigate any of the shortcomings in terms of technology, facilities etc.
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Nov 24, 2004
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What are the alternatives? (i.e. if he doesn't go to UCC, where will he go?)
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Mar 31, 2008
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If you as a Dad aren't Alpha, your son may soon to look at you as a 'wuss'. No joke. Alot of them are definitely 'cockier/confidant' which is good for certain fields. But at the same time, if you yourself aren't in that class really, your son may not bond as well with others. Also, some of their expectations (I'll rule the world) may not coincide with reality or ability to bond with the average folk leading to consternation in the real world. My old workplace had several people we hired/interviewed from UCC (also mostly, if not all went to Queens afterwards). So I'm just basing it off that.

Also, as a private school, there are generally more holidays (apparently less teaching days vs public to cut down on costs). And don't assume private school teachers are much better than public. When you factor in public pensions, the general inclination for teachers is to go public.. not private. And you will also be expected to be more involved in some capacity or another (includes donations or fundraising type activity from my understanding).


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