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UPS worldwide express customs charges

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  • Nov 3rd, 2009 8:05 pm
Jun 7, 2008
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UPS worldwide express customs charges

I'm planning to order some Nike's from the US (~$200)
The only shipping method available is UPS Worldwide Express.

AFAIK UPS Worldwide Express does NOT charge brokerage fee.

According to this site it seems a bit more complicated: ... #Bond+Fees

"Entry preparation charges" is free for Worldwide Express, however in the "Bond fees" sections there are a shitload of other charges. I'm having a really hard time figuring those out: anyone got hit with any of those fees before?

Anyone with experience in this?
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Jan 4, 2008
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I went through quite a hassle with DHL when they charged me for the Nike's I ordered from the States. The only advice I can offer is be prepared to pay it. And be glad it's not DHL. I'm not sure about UPS but I've heard they're a lot better, I'm sure you won't have to wait an extra week to get your shoes with seemingly no custom fee, only to find out a month later AFTER you've already returned the shoes because they were too small that there is a customs fee, and they're not willing to come collect it. That's what I experienced. Ended up losing $60 flat.

Hope your luck is better than mine.
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