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Mar 4, 2009
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[Urban Outfitters] Urban Outfitters T-Shirt Sale

Sorry if this is a repost but today I was at Urban Outfitters on yonge/dundas and found a graphic T-shirt that i've always wanted for $28.00. I was gonna buy it before but this T-shirt was one of those popular ones(Lucky cat one) with limited sizes and it was $34.00 a couple months ago. Anywho, I went to the check out and the cashier asked a co-worker if the T-shirt sale promotion was still going on. The co-worker replied with "oh yeah" as if the sale was going on for a while.

Anywho, I got $4.00 off my $28.00 Graphic T-Shirt which isn't too bad considering Urban Outfitters doesn't usually have sales. Came up to $27 something in total. I'm guessing the $4.00 off only applies to the T-shirts priced at $28.00, not sure though.

Womens also has the same sale going on too but they actually have a sign saying which graphic T-shirts are on sale. For the womens, its $24.00 for their T-shirts and the regular price ranged from 28 - 34 dollars.

Not sure when this sale is going to end and if it applies to all stores.

ALSO, theirs a little ballet thing beside the main entrance and once you fill that out you get 10% off your next purchase. No idea what the ballet thing is for, maybe for subscription to their mailing list or something.