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US package recieving centers in Manhattan

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Sep 2, 2010
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US package recieving centers in Manhattan

Heading to the new york city in a few weeks. Anyone know any places in Manhattan I can ship online purchases to pick up when I get there? I've used a few places in buffalo before with success. Thanks
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Feb 7, 2017
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Eastern Ontario
NY City is like 300+ Miles from the Cdn Border
Where Parcel Drop Services are so popular cuz of Cdns Crossing the Border to shop etc
So ya, finding a Service is going to be a lot harder the further from the CDN - US Border you get
(American citizens rarely have a need for Parcel Drop Services ... they just ship to home / work / their local post office etc:)

I would give UPS a look see
Many of them offer an assortment of mail & parcel services

Another alternative ... talk to the Front Desk at the Hotel you are staying at
We’ve done this before IF the hotel is open to it ...

John Doe
c/o Le Hotel
Phone Number

Please hold for Guest Mr. Youngster
Arriving on December 24th