US Small Caps and Penny Stocks. Trading Under $5/Share

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  • Jul 6th, 2020 7:42 pm
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Mar 1, 2008
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I'll probably buy into CJJD soon. Support seems to be $1.40. Actually wanted to buy back in today but price went up so I'll hold out for a bit and see how it moves.

Don't bother with ZOM though. All they do are offerings and the float is ridiculous. EV stocks are hype right now. I regret selling SOLO on Friday for $3.30.
Sep 8, 2013
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RockstarLeo wrote: Sold my outstanding GNUS shares at $3.25 (break even for me) and happy to be done with it honestly.

Now if only CJJD can get pumped a bit. Still holding that one at a small loss ($1.61 average)
Lucky, im with WS and wanted to sell a bit above my average to cover the exchange rate. Should have sold. PM was nuts going from +15% to -% by open. Guess ill hold until they disappoint investors again.