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Used Rav4 Rims

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Jun 4, 2013
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Used Rav4 Rims

I've been looking at used 2014-16 Rav4s but you know so many of them come with hubcaps. When I look online for new OEM or replica rims it's like $1,000 or something.

When I looked in kijiji or ebay I'm not seeing Rav4 rims from this generation for a cheap price like say $500-$600. Just wondering if you've seen deals like that. Not damaged but like scuffed up, which I don't mind. Like from a salvage yard. Have you upgraded to better wheels for much cheaper than new OEM?

Other than that, I supposed I'd have to buy some cheap rims like Touren? Went on Canadawheels.ca and a set of those comes out to $646.

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