Used Travel Trailer

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Jun 7, 2018
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Used Travel Trailer

Looking to purchase a used travel trailer (2011). I am new to the trailer market and wanted to make sure I don’t get myself into something that may have problems. I am concerned about water damage (see pictures). Is this something I should be concerned about. Is the rippling in the wall an indication of water damage? Also, does the slide out look ok (just dirty or are those black mold spots)?

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Aug 30, 2017
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There is just too much you need to be aware of when getting into RV’ing.

The black might just be external dirt that has not been cleaned and allowed to go mouldy.

To me the warning is not what that discolouration is but would indicate that lack of care and maintenance the unit has been receiving.

You need to get up on the roof to look for issues. If the unit is fibreglass know how to spot delamination. Press under the windows and test the interior floors looking for soft spots.

Post at an RV centric board. More traffic and more experience with that sort of thing. You will get the information you need before your purchase and if you do purchase you will need it even more so.

Owning an rv is primarily a “do it yourself” world.

You need access to tap into an ongoing information source.

Try irv2 or Good Sam - there are many others.
There are some manufacturer specific sites as well.

Do you homework BEFORE you buy.
Water intrusion is the kiss of death for an rv and results in big $ repairs.

Don’t rush a purchase, there are lots of units available all the time. Usually best time to get a deal is in the fall.
Jun 7, 2018
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Thank you for the info. I will definitely take my time with the decision/purchase.
Mar 11, 2016
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Used RVs are a scary mess...the economy is too strong at the moment and prices are far far too high...I see new listings on Kijiji every day that are 4-5 yrs old and priced nearly as high as new....80-90% are made in the USA so poorly that floors rot and undercarriage/frames start to rust after only 2-3 yrs...its nuts....they are basically a garden shed on wheels..


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