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Useful standby solar in Quebec?

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  • Aug 20th, 2022 11:28 am
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Aug 26, 2008
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Useful standby solar in Quebec?

Hello, I'm in an area that gets occasional extended power outages.

Anyone know any good options for standby battery + solar? Generac seems to have a very interesting option, solar + battery + generator. In an outage, the system auto transfers to battery, which can keep the house going for a period of time, during which it will recharge via solar, if that's not enough the propane generator kicks in and charges the batteries in an hour. So you get the best of standby and low noise with some self-sufficiency. And there's a $5k gov't solar rebate.

It's new though, and the local dealers I've talked to either don't get back to me, or try to switch to other brands.

The last dealer proposed a "sol-ark" system (seems to be popular with preppers, which I guess is sort of a gold standard) that was just the batteries and solar with installation, it came to $50k including the rebate. It's unlikely to be adequate during an extended outage. Their proposal was a bit misleading too, they suggested it would pay for itself, but when you read closely, that'll never happen. And the environmental benefits are a mixed bag, so it's really about the bottom line of standby effectiveness, maintenance, cost, and low noise.

I might have to fallback to a $16k all-in propane generator system, but I know these battery + solar systems are a lot more available and less expensive in the US.

Anyone have any good local leads, or other ways I could research local options?