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Using Numberbarn to trigger Winback team? (BELL)

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Using Numberbarn to trigger Winback team? (BELL)

Hey Everyone,

I am currently with Bell for my cell phone provider, and my 10GB plan has crept up to $73/month over the last few years. I want to change, but everything Retentions has offered has been... lackluster.

I have read that there are some great Winback offers from Bell right now. What I am wonder is: Would Porting my cell number to NumberBarn trigger the port-out request to Bell's Winback team, prompting them to call with the best deals? Then, in theory, I would have them port the number back in to Bell, with the better rate/plan.

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Bell won't get prior notice of a port. Once they receive the port request, they may verify it, but then have to act on it ASAP. That means you'll be ported out and without service while you wait for Winback to contact you, which may not be right away (if ever).

If you contact Bell customer service or retentions and tell them to end your service in X weeks time, then Winback will probably contact before that end date.