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Using pandemic as an excuse?

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PointsHubby wrote: Are you 100% sure the item you want is actually IN STOCK at that particular store ?

Marks uses a NO WAREHOUSE method of fulfilling their orders

So if you order online, with SHIP TO HOME the item(s) can come to you from ANYWHERE in Canada that the item can be found in a store

RFDers often laugh about this ... you place ONE order online for 5 things ... and they’ll arrive at your door from 5 different places in Canada
Depending where the item is in stock in the SIZE & COLOUR you want
(Always fun to online track Marks Orders for this reason ... lol race to the finish which one will get to your door first)

If you are using SHIP TO STORE ... or INSTORE PICK UP
Wouldn’t surprise me one bit if it’s the same thing

They don’t want to miss selling Item ABC to you ... so they tell you it’s in stock and available for pickup on a particular day
When they know by then it will have reached the store from whatever other store in Canada it was previously assigned to
Their website does show the item is in stock at the specific location I ordered for pickup.


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