Vacations and Pets - what do you do?

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  • Jul 9th, 2020 8:48 am
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Jan 15, 2006
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thriftshopper wrote: Those things are not only long and lanky but somewhat wild (see thread about cats being dangerous if any bigger)? I was talking to the owner of a raw pet food store and they said some customers bring their serval to the store as they cannot leave it at home as t will destroy the place.
He isn’t that bad. But could definitely get destructive if left alone for more than a day. Aside from that he’s an awesome cat as he’s great with kids and loves to be with people.
Dec 24, 2019
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Find a pet sitter before going on vacation so that your pets will attach with them. So that when you goon vacation you will not feel worry about them. Also if you have some good friend who is genuinely caring about pets, you can also take help from them.
Mar 22, 2020
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Indeed, this is a constant problem. I always ask our friends to take our chinchilla while we are on trips. But honestly, I always afraid that they would forget to feed her in time, will scare and mistreat her or let her out of the cage and couldn't catch back. Indeed, also for the animal, it is stressful because it is used to live in our house with our family, and when we bring her to a new unfamiliar place to her and there are a lot of strangers it badly influences her health and psychics. When we decided to buy a chinchilla I have read a lot of articles about how big should a chinchilla cage be and we took the biggest one. But it seems to me that when we part, it doesn’t really help her.