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Verify the authenticity of my Ray-Bans :)

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Apr 10, 2009
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packardbell wrote: and mines does not have the button on the case that says ray ban on it as well.

:facepalm: :arrowd:

like some one said there is many models produced for various markets and regions of the world. so you cannot use what you see in the north american market and apply it across the world. RB switched manufacturers as well so what is real and what is fake?

If the buyers feel it is fake what you are selling then they should buy it from an authorised shop. I have always bought my items from the shops and not need to look back after your purchase.

LOL its made in Italy. So Italy produces fake look alike and sells them in Hong Kong. :lol:
Dec 8, 2007
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Read page 47 and 48 of the above thread in Hot Deals. The member who threadcrapped and got your BST thread closed, Evi7sh, posted about your situation. I have replied defending you as well as other forum members. Two have confirmed their authentic Ray Bans have stitching on the case, one of which also confirmed their button had no "RB" lettering. This was purchased at The Sunglasses Hut over 6 yrs ago, close in time frame to your purchase. Your frames have a model number on the arm (I have confirmed that this is a legit model number of a real model Ray-Ban frame), and for Aviators, there is no "model name". The model number is all there is. So Ray Ban might not put model names on any of their frames. The pair purchased at The Sunglasses Hut is similar to your model and also only has a model number and no "model name" on it.

Back in 2006 fakes tended to have "RB" on the button despite authentic cases tending to have a blank button on the case. Until fairly recently, fakes also tended to have screw nosepieces and not the correct clip on/crimped nosepieces authentic ones had. I have also commented that your cloth does not look like the fakes I've seen. They tend to have holes in them, are darker in colour, and have the logo faded or frayed or with running or smudged colour. Your logo is a rich red with no fading or smudges. Your case also appear to be higher quality than fake cases, being thicker and smoother. Post #13 in this thread is also another confirmation that an authentic pair has stitching on the case and no "RB" on the case.

Hong Kong Optical is a large chain and has been in business for a long time. They are a part of QTSA. You should be fine. Ignore the trolls. You should contact another mod to have your thread unlocked. It was unfairly and prematurely locked by a mod easily influenced by a threadcrapping crazy troll who also happened to be a Ray Ban seller on BST as well.
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Aug 6, 2005
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I've posted in the other thread, linked above. I don't see anything that would indicate they're fake. I bought my RB3270 around the same time as you, my case and glasses look the same
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Mar 15, 2007
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I have revised my initial comment as I feel further investigation was required to justify certain claims, with that said, I owe an apology to OP.

Hope no offence is taken to heart.
Evi7sh wrote: My sincere apologies. It looks like I've for once made a mistake in this respect. It is very likely that Ray Ban collections in European/Asian countries are manufactured according to different types of standard let alone throughout a different date.. however this strictly applies to a limited line of products released in different time frames (ie. 2006 releases would utilize designs of that year, while in 2010-2011 there would be an entirely different design (due to innovation in technology and marketing).

It is unfortunate that the counterfeit market is growing at such rapid pace, that at times even the original manufacturers have a hard time differentiating between AAA grade fakes and their own authentic products let alone us consumers.

*This thread is an example: I had a few RFD friends who followed up on this thread, and through a few of my comparisons (A) I noticed that the Ray Ban (fake) they purchased from DX/FP/iO looked identical to the one OP had posted, especially (1) alignment of Ray Ban on the right lens (2) partial model # on the left arm (3) thin etching on the nose piece (OP did not have a close-up photo at this time) (4) low-quality double stitched case. Another added suspicion was my request to the OP for a photo of the purchase invoice which was never provided (until now). Finally, I consulted a known friend at SGH Fairview, and they had confirmed that the models in his inventory all matched what I had listed "authentic" in the comparison photos, and none had signs of the "fake". His inventory was Canadian/US models though, and were mainly the new releases, none older than those of 2009. (B) It turns out, if these same signs/designs were found on the newer models (aviators RB3025 etc), than it would suggest that they are very likely fakes. It is unlikely that original manufacturers would utilize old (vintage) designs/technology on new releases.

I do want to mention however that I, to say the least, am very glad the RFD community had step foward in this case, it just displays the moral behind a community embracing social values above all. My intent was never to offend or attack OP "klp2332", but in general, to fend off any possibility of a potential fraudulent thread, my thought being "better safe" to flag warning signs, "than sorry" to have someone fall victim. Everyone's on RFD to look for a deal, to share deals with others, while it burdens me when a user takes advantage of said interest purely for self-interest, I feel throughout the many years I've been on RFD it becomes a habit to point out obvious discrepancies/faults in a suspicious post.

ps. klp2332: I have contacted the RFD mod and made clarification on the mistake on my behalf.

pps. klp2332: I think you should treat "bombdiggity" to a hot cup of Tim's coffee, he's done quite a bit to save you the justice. I think I owe you a cup as well..


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