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Vertical Monitor suggestions, setup?

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  • May 30th, 2020 10:39 am
Nov 2, 2016
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Vertical Monitor suggestions, setup?


I'm looking to purchase an extra monitor to go with my 27 inch curved montor.
I was looking to mount it vertically. the vertical monitor just used for browsing on the side.

I was looking for some monitor suggestions? can I just buy a regular 24 inch?
also would you recommended IPS monitors?

thanks in advance
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Deal Addict
Jan 10, 2009
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You can just buy a regular 24". That's what I have. The main thing you need to take into consideration is the viewing angles and mounting orientation. Some cheaper monitors have almost no viewing angle from the "bottom" angle, so it's possible to get a monitor setup and not be able to see it properly. So research the vertical viewing angle of the panel you're getting. Not sure what tech works best here, someone will be along with that info. My Dell Ultrasharps work excellent for this.


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