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Vertical wind turbine near train line

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  • Sep 26th, 2020 7:41 pm
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Apr 26, 2010
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Vertical wind turbine near train line

I live along the go-train line and I've been thinking if a vertical wind turbine would be worth setting up to catch the wind for some electricity. Do you think it's feasible?
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Apr 9, 2012
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No. For one, vertical turbines are more hype than reality. The design and physics are not are not very efficient even in steady winds. It's more smoke and mirrors hype. They are rarely used because they just don't work very well despite any hype out there to the contrary.

2nd, the wind from the train would be of such short duration (even a minute or two is too short) and of such low speed (even if it "feels" strong, what does it measure and for how long) and it may be too directional and disipate not far from the tracks, that it would not produce much energy at ALL. As well, the wind close to the ground will probably have more turbulence than is desirable, which is why wind turbines sit on really tall towers and have unobstructed foregrounds for a long distance.

Even strong gusty wind is mostly useless. What a wind turbine / your alternator needs (of any size), to be at all useful and cost efficient is constant steady uninterupeted wind ideally over +15 kph and maybe below 40 kph. They also, depending on the type, require maintenance which is not easy unless one has the right tower and equipment. Climbing a 50+ foot tower to service slip rings or wire grows old very quickly. Wind turbines produce the best results in STEADY SUSTAINED wind, hour after hour after hour. Anything else is of little use to charge batteries or feed the grid.