Very interesting way to make music in entertainment.

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Jun 4, 2008
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Very interesting way to make music in entertainment.

Hello RFDs. So ive come across a very interesting website that makes ways to make money while listening to some of the upcoming single from artists from all over the world here is what they say:

No waiting, no fees, No BS. Help artist be their best while you Get paid to review new music on Slicethepie http://www.slicethepie.com

Proof of payments : http://www.ptc-investigation.com/pages/slicethepie.aspx

Its not a HUGE money making scheme you can earn extra 100-200$ a month depending on how much time you have. Great thing about it is that i've been able to get it to work on my phone while im on wifi at work or lunch. You earn anywhere between $0.05 and can earn up to dollars at a time depending on how many songs you review it has nothing to do with how many people you get involved or how many people do it under neath you so it encourages people to do the reviewing themselves and not forcing others to make money for them which is awesome. Check it out and as far as ive seen is one of the most straight forward ways to earn some money. if anyone has any reviews on ti let me know. Also was going to say hopefully everyone can take advantage of the opportunity. *********IF i have posted this in the wrong section let me know and please move/merge with a different post or to a better section*****