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Very Tall Storage Solutions (And one or two other Storage Idea Questions)

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  • May 9th, 2021 3:06 pm
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Jul 30, 2008
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Very Tall Storage Solutions (And one or two other Storage Idea Questions)

For reference, I am located downtown Toronto (in case of store suggestions).

1) Going to be moving into a very small 2 bedroom apartment, from a small 1 bedroom apartment. We are in need for storage solutions that will try to maximize height, in order to milk more space out of every square foot of space we have (the very top shelves might be harder to access, but we can just put things we rarely use up there). I'm thinking 7 to 7.5 feet of vertical storage

My current apartment has this, and I've modified it myself so that the base is 2x as deep. That has worked out really well and put a massive dent into my storage needs the last few years (while basically using up no floor space). I could use more space though, especially as my wife and I look to have kids. Due to the size, the second bedroom isn't going to be too helpful with that, it'll just be helpful in being able to have a room for a child.
https://www.ikea.com/ca/en/p/malm-pull- ... -30404815/

I'm a little handy, but storage cabinets, etc, are a different beast (can tip over, etc) so not looking to do that. I've had very little luck looking at Ikea for something that will max out storage space. I'm not sure if I'm just bad at searching, or if they don't have any. Ikea is usually my go-to place because they are (in RFD fashion) usually the cheapest and have the most options. If there are other places to know about, please let me know as well!

2) Any suggestions of storage solutions to put beside the bed? And I'm thinking most of the length of the bed, with little to no wiggle room. What I am thinking is basically boxes that I would just open up like a chest, that would use up the whole available horizontal space. I have no need to walk around my bed, so if it's going to be dead space, I might as well make it all storage space. For something like this, there will be a window, so using up the whole vertical space will not be possible anyway.

Thanks for the help! I feel kinda lost and I'm not finding any solutions, and I consider myself a very resourceful person, thought I'd see if anyone has any experience here. If there's something totally else you want to suggest too, I'm all ears. The basic premise is I have very small amount of square footage, so I'm trying to take advantage of the cube footage as much as possible.
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Feb 7, 2017
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I will probably think of other ideas ... but for now here’s where we found extra space...

If your unit has closets ... start there
Gut them of their standard fittings
And reorganize them to suit YOUR NEEDS
Configure them based on what you have to actually store / need to find space for

There are Cos that do this
But they are expensive for home consultations & organization services
When you can easily DIY
And save money too
Big Box Stores sell all the things you’ll need
Clothes Rails, Shelving, etc ... not just prefab closet units

Think outside the box too

We recently redid our front hall closet
We were looking for shoe storage
But didn’t like anything designed for closets and this purpose
So we bought a “shoe bench” ... usually used in foyers
And trimmed it out to fit our closet, so it looks like a high end built in custom closet
It looks awesome
And works marvellously for our needs
And cuz it’s a piece of furniture ... It can be removed / moved in the future if needed
More money ... but way better than the MDF & Cardboard off the rack shoe organizers for closets

Another tip ...
By gutting a closet ... you get to decide where the rails & shelves go
In all of ours ...
we raised the clothes rails & top shelf
Often eliminating a two top shelf system ... making it just 1 shelf
Better use of space
And no big deal to reach a tad higher for a hanger
Top shelf is now much higher ... but it’s for rarely used things
Doing this freed up more space at the bottom of the closet
Where it’s far more practical / accessible
Be it for shoes in the front hall of MBedroom, or big bulky or heavy items in our pantry
(Place to stack pop cases, bottled water, laundry detergent, etc )
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Dec 19, 2009
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Most storage cabinets, pantries, shelving units can be fastened to the wall if you're scared of them tipping over.
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Recommend watching vids of small apartment or micro apartment type vids for ideas.

Lot of ppl like to think using vertical space like you but I don't find many ppl consider building storage space underneath them which is much more accessible. Saw this a while ago and never forgot the ingenuity of it.

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Mar 27, 2021
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Custom closets are the best and cheapest way. I liked Rubbermaid's closet system because it's cheap and relatively easy to do if you're great with a drill and hammer, and most importantly measuring and levelling!

Invest in clear storage bins and boxes to keep things organized, and underbed storage is awesome too. Ikea is cheapest but definitely decent quality, I just picked up this series: https://www.ikea.com/ca/en/p/fjaelkinge ... -60221683/ and it's REALLY solid metal frame and great proportios ideal for small apartments.
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