Is it a viable plan? Targeting 60K Fixed Travel with Aeroplan.

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  • Aug 13th, 2019 12:26 pm
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Is it a viable plan? Targeting 60K Fixed Travel with Aeroplan.

I am currently planning myself "one last" Aeroplan trip before the changes coming in september. It is quite a stroll across Europe, which I believe should be elligible under the 60K fixed mileage.

From the MPM data on Aeroplan, I seem fine, but I would like if someone can confirm me if it works.

Outbound from Ottawa: yow-ewr-osl-arn-cph-bru-edi
Inbound to Ottawa: vie-dbv-fco-zrh-bcn-lis-yyz-yow

On this trip, Vienna would be my destination (furthest point per mileage that is over 24 hours. Dubrovnik is a 20h layover. Same with Rome.), Barcelona would be my second stopover, while Edinburgh to Vienna would be an open-jaw.

From my understanding, this should be eligible as a 60K redemption. As far as I can tell, if the redemption is valid, I would be getting close to 10cpp on this entire itinerary!
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I think you're fine for MPM (6946).

And I think you're fine with the miles amount, as all three stops are in Europe 1.

The only question I'd have is with the distance from EDI to VIE.

According to the wiki at flyertalk:
The open jaw also cannot be a larger distance than any two legs you are actually flying.
Flyertalk mRTW wiki

I have never used an open jaw on a mRTW, so I have no first hand experience with this requirement.

You could ask at flyertalk, or just call and give it a whirl.
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Using an open jaw loses one stop. That is, you cannot have open jaw plus two stops, but only one stop.


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