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Nov 22, 2010
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Victorun Tires

Anyone used these? Complaints?

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Apr 17, 2015
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I've never used that particular brand but I assume their a low end chinese brand. I have used sailun tires before (again cheap chinese brand) and they were alright in a pinch, but anything other than that they were awful. Loud, stiff and lasted 20,000 km.

Tires are probably the one area on a vehicle that I wouldn't cheap out on due to safety/performance.
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Oct 22, 2002
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From http://www.victortire.com.cn/about.aspx:
Qingdao Victor Tire Co., Ltd, which is one of the companies from Yongdao Group, has been growing into top 3 tire and rubber companies since established in 2007. We supply full range of tires to international and domestic market, including PCR, UHP, SUV, LTR/4×4, TBR, OTR etc.

We have started our own brand "Victorun" and "Sunitrac" from 2010. With successful marketing experience in Europe, our quality products and service have established good sales network in more than 50 countries and areas in Europe, North America, South America, Oceania, Africa, South-east Asia and Middle East.
Checking Alibaba, you can get these for ~$10/tire if you buy a container's worth. Easy to see why local retailers offer these for low-end tire sales.


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