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Video Capture Card with Circular Input Slots (Possibly BNCs?)

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  • Oct 15th, 2013 4:25 pm
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May 18, 2008
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Video Capture Card with Circular Input Slots (Possibly BNCs?)

I posed the same thread in Off-Topic, and completely didn't thinka bout putting it in here. Mods, if you could be so kind as to remove it from Off-Topic, that would be great. But otherwise, the link to that is Here.

I can't for the life of me find out what the connector is called. The closest thing I could find is that these are called Video Capture ICs.

I currently possess a KMC4400r Video Capture Card, and it has 4 circular connections. The security camera that I have installed is fairly old, but I want to try to continue using it, since it is still in working order. What I am hoping to find, is a Video Capture PCIE card that can replace the KMC4400r (This is currently using a PCI slot). I am building a new PC, and unfortunately PCI is now obsolete and it's not in the mobo that I want to purchase.

Because I don't know what the connector is called, I can't find ANY PCI-E video capture cards that support this type of input. I could only see USB, among others.

Anyone able to point me in the right direction?
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Nov 18, 2007
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BNC. Maybe go with a USB video adapter like --

Or an 8 channel version -- here

USB might be the better way to go. They seem inexpensive and you wont be locked into a PC card that may not work in a few years. Of course, the USB may be obsoleted if drivers are not available for Windows 2014. ;-)


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