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Oct 13, 2009
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PhonesGuy wrote: Virgin/Bell $10 Loy Bill credit for 12 m/o

Call in to Loyalty/Solutions for this

A few terms:

-You cannot have the 10GB $60 plan.

-You can be a BYOD or Term contract customer, existing customers YMMV.

UPDATE: Some users are reporting that they are able to get this deal on the $60/10GB plan. YMMV.

Offer ends January 8th, 2018.

Special thanks to MobileSyrup for the credit: Virgin Mobile $10/12 m/o bill credit
Looks like virgin mobile may be backing out of this promised credit for many of us. Please add link to ccts so we can all complaint about virgins fake promises.... ... aint-form/
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Nov 2, 2008
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I'm in the same situation, though I called in and had a very nice rep and he said he added the credit to my account for the next bill without any pushback. He actually volunteered his employee number in case I have any issue next month. I guess I will wait and find out if it worked or not, but he seemed sincere.
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Dec 28, 2016
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I just called in to virgin to figure out why I am not getting my $10 credit that I was promised. I am on the $60/10gb plan. The rep on the phone told me that the discount code is on my account but the reason I am not get my discount applied automatically every month is because the code is not compatible for loyalty plans. She put me on hold to contact another department to see if there is anyway to apply the discount manually every month, but they couldn’t. So they offered me $120+ tax lump sum (total of $135.60). I just took that. Better than nothing.
Mar 2, 2018
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I just got this deal today called customer care getting 10 for the ladt 12 months...thanks
Dec 20, 2016
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Just checked my phone bill and saw the credit wasn't applied. I called virgin and they said that there was nothing on my account regarding the credit. They told me that all it mentions was that I requested to have the credit and that's it, even when I called before and they said I could get the credit and that it would show next month. I was then transferred to a loyalty specialist and they said that I didn't actually qualify for it stating new line, or upgrades yada yada yada, and that there was nothing they could do. When I mentioned that I would write a complaint to the CCTS, he said that he could give me the discount if I changed to an in market plan or accept a 50 dollar 1 time goodwill gesture. I said forget it and that I would complain to the CCTS.