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Virgin Mobile Black Friday

iPhone 13 $0 down 24 month 12Gb Promo for $55/month including tab YMMV

  • Last Updated:
  • Dec 27th, 2021 8:39 am
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Feb 13, 2016
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Anyone cancel the geek squad subscription? I was told I had to wait 3 months but when I look at the receipt there's no mention of gift card for geek squad. And the case, screen protector and charger I got are listed as "No promotion" and were just a price override. Will call in Monday and ask them what will happen if I leave.
Sr. Member
Apr 2, 2016
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Missed out on this deal....any ideas on whether this deal may come back for boxing day?
Dec 4, 2021
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Can anybody who got the deal at the kings gate mall provide a screenshot of their offer?

Would like to get it matched thanks 🙏🏼
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Mar 12, 2013
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for those who go t this deal?. What is the first month bill be like. I was surprised to see $10 additional to what I was promised for.

The virgin sales rep called me and said she would adjust it in the upcoming boxing day deal sale. Not sure if it is worth the wait. It looks something fishy here. The sales rep said that she is new and dont know much about it. Is there any way that I can contact virgin and let them know what I was promised was not given?
Dec 4, 2021
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Anybody in Vancouver knows if this deal will come back around the 15th?

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Apr 3, 2021
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wtengi wrote: I think this is suppose to be a port from Roger Fido or chater special. ported from Koodo, and the rep gave it to me too.

Deal breakdown
Total Tab 420
17.5 /month

Phone plan

24 month credit

Total 55 per month before tax

You can also do add a line and received $5 credit
So 2nd line 50

Total 105 per month with 2 free iPhone 13
150 referral credit total. (Sign up using the referral link from someone to get the $50 credit. And use my main line to refer my second line and get addition 50 credit for my main and 50 for my second line)

My rep is out of stock for iPhone 13. But they can do iPhone 12 $0 upfont 12 for $45 / month

**was just told by my rep. if anyone want 13 and we can put the quote and when the phones arrive u can get the same deal u wont losse the deal


Hey OP quick question, did you get ur first bill yet? Does it work out to 109 instead of 105/month for the two lines? I think the place where u typed 17.5/ month for the phone is without the taxes and its actually $2 more a month considering it'll be 470/24=$19.60 I just got my first bill and its around 57 for first line and 52 fo the second. Just thought i'd ask.
Nov 20, 2016
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Ya first bill $50 monthly plan. -12.5 that is 37.5 for first line. + 19.6 for phone. (Non taxable as it already include tax. So you only pay tax on the 37.5

Second line is same but with additional $5 off on monthly phone plan

So monthly charge is (70 *1.12 + 39.2 ) / 1.12 which is 105 pre tax
Dec 4, 2021
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Can you share the same picture you shared but for bell? For some reasons the one you shared was for Virgin but you’re talking about a bell deal? Thanks
Dec 26, 2019
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I got my first bill as well, and it was 57 but after close inspection is just 2-3 bucks extra for couple days on top of regular monthly cycle so its actually 55/mon