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Virgin Mobile Winback Offer $30 for 7GB (QC) + $400 + $50 Credit (YMMV)

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  • Oct 27th, 2020 6:20 pm
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Sep 12, 2018
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[Virgin Mobile] Virgin Mobile Winback Offer $30 for 7GB (QC) + $400 + $50 Credit (YMMV)

I left Virgin Mobile for Public Mobile recently. Someone from Winback team called me next day and offered the following deal.
$25 for 3 GB
$400 Hardware Upgrade Credit
No Activation Fee
When I pressed the agent about my cost at Public Mobile incurred already, he offered me $50 credit to compensate that.

I was having difficulty deciding which phone to take instantly. However, when I could reach them later on, he could offer $30 for 7GB, instead of $25 for 3 GB (As Virgin changed the original plan on October 1). I accepted the new offer with iPhone 11, 128 GB. I traded in my Huawei P20 that I bought from Virgin Mobile 2 years back. That counted for additional $200. After all deduction, right now my plan looks like this.

$40 for 4 GB QC Plan
3GB loyalty Data
1000 LD minutes
-$10 Loyalty Credit
$35 Upfront (Including Tax) for iPhone 11 128 GB
$9.44 including tax per month on Smart Pay
-$50 Credit for my expense on Public Mobile
No activation fees

Some suggestions:
If like me, you are also unsure about what device to take, don't take the callback number from agents. Tell them to call you back later on. Virgin Mobile call forwarding system is a shitshow now. It's forwarded to regular front line agents and they have no clue about this. You can push them all you want; they won't be able to offer you anything similar. They will also give you misleading information such as, this offer is expired and so on and so forth. Try twitter for customer support. They seem to know what they are doing. Also, this should serve as clear guidance against trying to push customer agents to get this deal.

The plans you are going to get is basically whatever plan you have on your area - $10 loyalty credit and 3 GB extra data. The agent told me it doesn't stack with add a line promo, so probably no point in trying that. Also, you can't get this on existing line. I tried that, denied.

Disclaimer: I live in Alberta now, so my tax rate is based on AB. But my phone number is from QC, so they could offer me QC plan.
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Sep 8, 2020
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I also just switched to public recently from virgin. And actually just ignored their loyalty calling me(kinda fed up with them)

Public covers a lot more frequency bands than virgin so I'm hesitant to switch back just yet...(I finally get reception in my basement now!)

I'm also on a QC number though and in general those rates are better than Ontario.

Question for you OP: how long does the -10$ last? I did have that as well from them but was only for 12 months (but I left em halfway through)
Dec 23, 2011
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Does the loyalty part of your plan remain perpetual.
Virgin likes to do a timed thing and that is freezing cold to me as it takes too long to reach them.
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Sep 12, 2018
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$10 Credit is for 2 years. For data, I don't see an expiry.


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