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Virgin Plus

Promotion 100 Mb/s for 50 $ (double speed for usual price) - (maybe Qc only...) - Ends today !

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  • Aug 26th, 2021 5:07 pm
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Oct 30, 2013
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In Ontario, Virgin is offering credit of $35 per month for a year for home internet if you are an existing Virgin Mobile customer.

100 Mbps plan comes out to $45/month with no installation fees. [Installation fees only apply if you can do self-install, but you decline it].
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Jun 14, 2017
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ahoroba wrote: Most houses built in the past 40 years have two pairs of copper wires (for one landline phone plus one fax line, or for a second phone line). By using "pair bonding", Virgin is able to offer 100mbps DSL service over copper. I have it and it works seamlessly. I would love gigabit internet, but Bell is very slow with bringing fiber in my neighborhood.
True that they could use pair bonding to accomplish this, but the directive from Virgin is to only offer 100 to FTTH customers. Now this could depend on the region, but if you look up most FTTN addresses 50 is the max shown.
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Feb 1, 2018
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Cinetiste wrote: Hi !
I looked at your pictures.
Thank you for the feedback.

I do not think your rebate would prevent you from taking a promotion.
It would probably stipulate you would renounce your rebate by taking the new promotion simply.

Are you living in Ontario or an other province ?
It could be useful to look at the plans offered on the site,
out of your account, just to see if it is offered to everyone to begin.

Also, I do not want to be indiscreet, but is the price of 85 $ includes the "TV" option ?
It could explain that by entering the "bundle" options it does not show the "Internet" promotion solely.

I note all of this just in case it could help to verify the availability.

This said, you clearly have the promotion mentioned on the site for you,
so you should have access to it, if you find the right path in your account,
and if not, and if the promotion stays as it should during the last day,
today, you should be able to ask for it by phone if necessary.

Your price of 45 $ for 50 Mbps is a bit better than the usual,
but 5.00 $ more to double it may worth the change, if you may have use of it.

Feel free to come back, I could tell you the path I took on the web site.
From Quebec area... I think they fixed it... Not working here.

EDIT: I think the place where I live the 100MBPS is not available due to wire... Cause even if I create a new member, it will only give me $50 for 50MBPS as deal.
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