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Virgin Home Internet deal, for current mobile phone customers

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Feb 25, 2009
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Virgin Home Internet deal, for current mobile phone customers

Hi guys. Hope this is the right forum for my post.

Im considering dropping my current Quebec videotron cable internet plan 60Mbps/10Mbps/550Gb monthly cap, which I get charged $56/month plus taxes.
I almost pulled the plug a few months ago to switchcto Vmedia, but the rebates are no longer competiive anymore (Jan 2020).

I have been a mobile VM customer for many years, and been happy with their service and their rates.
Im now tempted to try their residential internet plans, and leverage a $20/month credit to their regular rate.

Im considering either:
(a) 50/10/unlimited plan @ $40/month (no install fees, no modem rental, no contract)
(b)100/10 @ $50, for the first 12 months.

I understand these rates can change at any time, and will after 12 months at $60 (a) $70 (b).

My current videotron cable ingress is located at the far end of my 25 feet-wide garage, and I assume that the Virgin tech would leverage this same location for his modem/router setup, which might not be ideal. The reason is that my current setup is an Asus AC3200 router located on top floor, at the opposite corner of the house. My videotron modem is directly-cabled to my router.

How strong and stable is the VM combined modem/WIFI router device?
Would it handle 2.4 and 5.0Ghsz WIFI broadcast across my two-story house?
Would the VM technician have an alternative option or device should the signal be too weak across all areas of my house, or I am doomed?

Right now, my 2.4 Ghz signals reach every area of my house, even my backyard. My 5GHZ channels are obviously weaker, and only travel to areas directly below the router inside the house.

Thanks in advance for reading my post, and for your feedback!
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No ... thank you for posting in hot deals.
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This belongs in the discussion forums.