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Locked: virus masks and how stupid it is

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May 16, 2017
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virus masks and how stupid it is

so people put on these masks to stay safe for the public lol, but when i walk around i see these nasty masks littering the streets as people-idiots just throw them on the street and there germs spread all across the road as the wind blows the mask everywhere and the inside of that mask is coated with saliva from people breathing into it for a long period of time. (Please dont tell me the mask kills germs, if ur that gullible, then let me spit in that mask and smear it on u? all this, for a virus that kills only really old people who are in failing health anyway, just like how they would die from the common cold)

On a positive note, people like i said are dumb so they never try to avoid you when they walk by you in a store or outside and kinda bump hands or shoulders with u sometimes, so this virus has forced people to think and be more mindful of peoples spaces, so thats always good.
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