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[Visions Electronics] For those missed it last time, Boss 6.75" Touchscreen Double-DIN In Dash Receiver back on sale again

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May 14, 2005
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monster11 wrote: I reserved Boss for pickup but ended up getting Sony XAVAX3000. Going to get it installed tomorrow. Will post how it looks after.
what is the approximate cost to get this installed in GTA? w/ or w/o steering wheel control
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Nov 7, 2009
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destruct0 wrote: Why is everyone ignoring questions regarding boot times and slowness during cold? Seems lots of people own the deck should be an easy question to answer.

I have a Kenwood deck id love to throw in the trash. I thought they were a good company but honestly it's the worst deck I've ever owned. So was hoping to replace it with someone with fast boot times and Android auto.
-20 showed no issue. At -28 you could tell it was a cold display with ghosting effects. Still responded to touch and warmed up quick.