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VOIP - OBI100 ADAPTER Replacement

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Jan 22, 2017
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VOIP - OBI100 ADAPTER Replacement

My OBI100 seems to have died on me tonight. Blinking red/green asking for firmware update and just repeating cycle.

I need to get device for my FreePhoneLine. What device is recommended and I can get in physical store? I can't wait 3-4 days of shipping.
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Feb 24, 2003
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Look at VoIP adapters from Canada computers?
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Jan 6, 2011
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You can reset it, using a paper clip.

Mine got kicked offline, delete then reset worked.
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Aug 29, 2001
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Obi200 is its replacement. I got some email from then about Obi100 being end of life and to upgrade to a Obi200.
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Mar 3, 2002
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joejo2 wrote: My OBI100 seems to have died on me tonight. Blinking red/green asking for firmware update and just repeating cycle.
The download link for you in step 3 is located at ... 4#msg73954 ... 8#msg75368
SteveinWA wrote:The flashing red and green LEDs, and the special firmware upgrade screen you now see, are evidence that your OBi now has a corrupted firmware image loaded on it (for whatever reason).

Log onto the OBiTALK portal, and completely delete your OBi device off of the dashboard. Wait a few minutes.

Unplug the OBi from power and from the Ethernet cable. Using a paper clip, gently depress the recessed reset button on the bottom of the device until you can feel a click. Plug just the power cable into the OBi while continuing to hold in the reset button (requires some dexterity, or get a friend to help). Wait at least 10 seconds, until the power LED starts blinking. Release the reset button. Wait... give it time for the factory reset to attempt completion; Five minutes would be fine. It will likely still show the alternating red/green power LED. Plug the Ethernet cable back in.
Then reinstall or update firmware. You can download the latest firmware for your device here: ... 4#msg73954 (ensure you wait while the firmware is updating; don't reboot anything).

And if that doesn't work, you're dealing with a bricked device.

There is no official retailer in Canada for Obihai ATAs other than at the moment ( doesn't appear to be carrying them anymore). It is possible to pay for express shipping from Newegg: ... 6833617008 or ... 6833617003 (if you need two phone ports).

Other ATAs do not offer the powerful routing features of Obihai OBi200/202 ATAs and, in this price range, alternatives, in my opinion, are, consequently, a waste of money (except that Obihai has annoying support policies, IMO). FWIW, further firmware updates will not be developed for OBi100/110 ATAs. They're discontinued.

Other ATAs typically do not offer all of the following:

- Google Voice support (free calling anywhere within Canada and the U.S. if you have a verified GV account)
- call bridging support/capacity for you to dial into the ATA or have it call you back and allow you to dial through it from a cellphone (this is great for cellular plans with tons of incoming minutes)
- up to 4 VoIP providers and 8 voice gateways with powerful call routing features that allow you to bridge or route calls between any of these services
- free device to device calling

Using Freephoneline, you could simply forward all calls to another phone number that you have access to (your smartphone, for example) while you wait for a new ATA. Log in at
Make sure to disable Follow Me when you set up your new ATA.

Or while you wait for the ATA to be delivered, you could also use the FPL desktop app on your PC for free with your existing FPL account, using a mic/speakers or headset: Ensure you're not logged into the FPL desktop when setting up your new ATA.

By the way, the OBi200/202 Freephoneline setup guide can be found here: ... 094#p74094
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OBi200/202 Freephonline PDF guide (version 1.60) can be found here. OBi200 info can be found here. For OBi202 info, click here.
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Apr 25, 2013
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The Grand Stream HT502 is the standard ATA used by ISPs these days.


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