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Aug 28, 2011
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VPS Deals - ~$5 CAD/US

Similar to my previous thread for compiling multiple Web/Shared Hosting... I'm compiling one for VPS deals for Boxing/Winter/New Years Specials.

Different Data centers, may edit the post later on to accommodate more areas. Unmanaged VPS unless specified. Looking to aim specifically at $5 USD/CAD and under for the cheapest plan, otherwise there wouldn't be much of an incentive as there are common choices such as Vultr, Digital Ocean, AWS, etc.

Lifetime Recurring $3.99 USD at checkout with coupon code: WHTSPECIAL
Seattle Location
2 Core
10 GB SSD Powered Disk Space
500 GB Bandwith
1024 MB RAM
512 Swap
Dedicated IP Addresses: 1xIPv4
Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian, Fedora, etc

1.99€ ~$3.10 CAD - 50% discount for the first buying period (up to 3 years). I'm guessing only applies to first month but can probably submit a ticket after a month to see if you can keep the discounts moving foward.
Europe Location, unsure where specifically
• 1x 3GHz vCore CPU
• 10GB SSD
• 100Mbps uplink
• Unlimited traffic
• Daily Backups
• 1x IPv4
• /112 (65,536 IPs) IPv6
• Virtuozzo / Custom

Annual fee 40% lifetime coupon:74WATG2Y0F ~ 33USD a year ~ $2.75 USD a month
Romania Cloud 768 MB
768MB Memory
10GB Storage
1Gbit Uplink
200GB Traffic
1 dedicated IP

Netherlands Location
Flat 10% Life Time Discount
Use Code : WHT10OFF

Cores: 1 Core
Disk Space: 200 GB
Bandwidth: 3TB
Operating System: Select from 16 Flavours
Was $4
Use Code : WHT10OFF
Now at 10% Off $3.6 USD

May look to try AviarHost tonight and sign up as it is a US based location. Currently have experience with Digital Ocean, AWS, Vultr, the usual stuff. If anyone knows any VPS deals in Canada, Toronto, feel free to reply in this thread and let me know if you have any reviews of them too. My budget is pretty much $20/mo if I could get a 4GB RAM/2-4Core server, have seen these deals before but didn't purchase at the time (my main concern is the Windows license as AWS does offer it for free).
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Never heard about the hosts above.

You can spin up a droplet on DigitalOcean for about the same cost, in more regions, with more available and up to date images. AWS provides more flexibilty, and if you are looking to commit, Windows Azure is cheaper and more reliable.
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