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walk out deck by chimney - ideas / feedback

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  • Nov 21st, 2020 7:22 pm
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walk out deck by chimney - ideas / feedback

Hi everyone,

once the pandemic is over i was hoping to redo my deck and was wondering if anyone had some feedback / ideas .
we would like the make the deck as big as possible and one thought was the extend it by where the chimney is.

what i can find online on the issue shows a chimney in the middle of the deck, never at the end.

i know you can't put a ledger board on that part so was thinking of putting a post down by the far end of the chimney and doubling up the joists

i was also thinking of reusing my old deck footings, the deck is close to 30 years old and they appear very solid. but that also means the spacing between the posts will be a lot closer if i expand out by the chimney

any suggestions or feedback on this? has anyone done this before?

oh and yes, i do plan to get a permit.
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People certainly do this ...
https://www.houzz.com/discussions/29610 ... nd-chimney

In fact Houzz might be a good place to join / ask your question on the how tos ... cuz they always have a lot of local experts (architects, contractors, etc) who reply ... as long as you state your location / city / region or province.

It’s definitely done. One of the nicest model homes I ever saw had a deck tucked into a nook (think upside down U ) between the LR and MB. Had a hot tub and a two sided fireplace. Awesome space.
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Aug 29, 2019
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How is that beam attached to the posts? Can't see any fastners.
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Makes sense to me to set posts 18”-24” from the wall and build from there. I didnt attach my deck to the house this way and had no chimney issues