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Walking Shoes Investment

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May 9, 2007
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Walking Shoes Investment

I don’t usually think of purchasing items as being investments, but I consider this to be an investment in my health and longevity.

I am almost 70 years. I walk 8 km every morning before breakfast. During the day, I walk rather than drive when practical. My watch tells me that it is not uncommon for me to walk 15 km in a day. Some days are 18-22 km, but my daily average is 13.x km.

I want to buy a couple of pairs of good quality walking shoes and I’m looking for recommendations and/or comments.

I want shoes that can be resoled. I hate throwing out perfectly good uppers because I have worn out the soles.

I tend to be hard on the inside corner of the heels of shoes, so shoes that could have the heels replaced would be good.

Most of my walking is on hard surfaces… pavement and concrete sidewalks. Maybe 30% is on trails.

I walk in two climates. For about six months of the year (May to September and four weeks in December-January) I will be in Canada. For the rest of the year I will be in tropical Mexico.

The walking in Mexico in October and early November will include walking in rain. The time in Canada in May, June, and December-January will include rain.

My favorite shoes ever was a pair of Mephistos that lasted over 20 years and were re-soled twice. I wasn’t walking as much then.
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I just wanted to say that you are inspirational for being that active every day!! Makes me motivated to go for a walk.

I dont think I have any suggestions for walkers that can be resoled. All the walkers sold by athletic manufacturers are built in the same way and would be difficult to resole effectively (you could definitely find a place willing to glue a sole on the bottom but given your wearing of the heel this wouldnt be good for your gait or posture).

I tend to use the Nike air monarch or a new balance but with your mileage you will easily use at least a pair of these a year. And again they arent built to be resoled


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