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Walmart Ad Match ending October 15, 2020

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May 9, 2003
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If Target was still around, Walmart wouldn't be doing this. I'm going to move my primary shopping to No Frills.
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Oct 21, 2015
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if we get 10,000 rfders signatures on a petition, we might be able to create more noise. Many older generations still don’t know anything about price match.
Period 5-7 = apply on car or call 1-800-959-2019 or 1-800-959-2041.
Period 1-4 = call 1-800-232-1966. make a case. submit your documents (tax 2019 tax returns/bank statements)
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Aug 14, 2019
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dealseeker wrote: If Target was still around, Walmart wouldn't be doing this. I'm going to move my primary shopping to No Frills.
There are considerably more Walmarts in strategic locations than No Frills.

I'm just waiting to see how soon before Real Canadian Superstore will do the same.
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Aug 14, 2019
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Thatdealguy wrote: if we get 10,000 rfders signatures on a petition, we might be able to create more noise. Many older generations still don’t know anything about price match.
Maybe include that comment on your weekly Costco blog?
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Aug 14, 2019
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Thatdealguy wrote: if we get 10,000 rfders signatures on a petition, we might be able to create more noise. Many older generations still don’t know anything about price match.
Maybe include that comment on your weekly Costco blog?
Jul 11, 2017
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johnb56789 wrote: I will say I haven't heard anything from my store yet. But I was told by my management that If Walmart does stop Price Matching, Loblaw (RCSS and No Frills) may be close behind. Apparently for the last year they've (Loblaw and Walmart) have been playing chicken with each other to see who will end it first and the potential backlash from it. If I hear anything from my end, I will update everyone here.
So... My direct manager (Nights) spoke with the store manager and our ASM (Assistant store manager), and it seems like for now, price matching is sticking around. Apparently there was a big meeting earlier this week with the higher ups in management and they said that for now it is staying around, no plans to get rid of it right now.
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Sep 13, 2007
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Kfox wrote: I don't think No Frills will ever go all in on in-store PCO offers because Loblaw doesn't want to poach points collector customers from Loblaws and SDM
lecale wrote: Not true, Loblaw wants people to shop all of No Frills, Loblaws/Zehrs and SDM. If Loblaw is poaching customers from anywhere, it is (and can only be) from outside this network, Walmart, Freshco, etc.

One of the problems with the SDM Optimum program was although people could earn crazy amounts of points ... what could you spend them on? SDM offers electronics and a lot of people were happy to reward themselves that way. However, the latest gaming system does not appeal to everybody.

Other people just sat on millions of points because there was nothing available that they wanted, but when PCO launched they were finally able to spend their pts at the grocery stores. Everybody needs food. There were SDM customers who never really shopped at No Frills or Loblaws who were now shopping there to cash in their points.

People do the math. Why go to Walmart when RCSS offers points? Why any other discount grocer when No Frills offers points? Why any other top tier grocer when Loblaws offers points? People normally shop every type of retailer from mass merchandizer to discount grocer to top tier grocer. Loblaw made it so shoppers would choose to go to the Loblaw banners.

Loblaw is pretty happy to give you the same kinds of offers at any banner. A big one is 1,000 pts on 4 L milk. SDM always offered points on milk, it was the hottest deal they had. Now No Frills offers 1,000 pts on milk regularly and Loblaws/Zehrs does infrequently (but still does so it counts).

No Frills is in fact all in on in-store PCO offers for milk.
What I meant by in-store PCO offers is the in-flyer or on-the-shelf offers. Loblaws and SDM always have lots of those, No Frills rarely have any
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Sep 13, 2007
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computergeek541 wrote: I don't even do that. I match it all online, and customer service e-mails me back confirming the prices. I haven't slowed down a single customer's in-store shopping experience by doing that. I can't understand why a consumer would want the program gone. Walmart dropping this program is only potentially a bad thing for the customer.
So you mean shopping online/ in-store pick up grocery orders.

I don't do pickups, I prefer to choose my own meats/produce, so price matching in-store is the only option
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Jul 16, 2012
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Laval, QC
Pretty sad to see that as WM was my go to store for all my price matching..
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Feb 16, 2018
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dollarsign wrote: Actually, just last week. It wasn't Walmart though.

I popped into NoFrills to grab a bag of milk on the way home. Went to the express lane where there was just one woman in line. She pulls out 4 flyers for the 4 products she's buying. At this NoFrills (maybe all? I don't know), manager approval was needed. After the manager finally gets there, some disagreement erupts about how house brands aren't equivalent.

My 30 second shop to buy milk turned into 5 minutes while this woman argued the merits of store brands.
Self Checkout?
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Jun 18, 2018
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Similar to other posters on here, I did ALL my grocery shopping at Walmart due to price matching. Not sure what I will do yet, probably try out NoFrills (get some Optimum points) or FreshCo and see how the experience is.
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Apr 10, 2011
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lecale wrote: I thought that Walmart was going to move everybody to club cards and have member pricing. PC Optimum is doing that with some products. Walmart is trying to run their club digital-only and too many of their customers at the bottom end that really care about prices do not have smartphones or they do not have data, and no one wants to start a shopping trip standing around logging onto the network. They need plastic cards and they are in denial (but I really do think we will see some kind of membership program roll in and not just the discontinuation of price matching).

If you want to price match a dozen items and do it through the human cashier it's just a few keystrokes now because they added a shortcut to apply the changes all at once to 12 things. People are trying to price match at the self checkouts and if you have a dozen of the same thing, the attendant has to click on each item and punch in the new price so it is ultimately something like 5 clicks plus the price entry so just < 10 clicks just to do 1 out of 12 items. It is hell. They could fix their IT or they could get rid of price matching and they decided to do the latter?

IT is not a strength for these guys. I have made a mint in discounts exploiting their online store. Their programmers don't nail things down very tightly and there have always been a lot of errors to leverage. It seems to me that they are the kind of guys that are trying to get a grip on things that they can control because they can't get their money-hemorrhaging IT to work properly. Everybody would be much happier if they just created some nice-paying IT jobs and fixed their IT. Also they can't have any of this American tech support bullshit because I am not going to spend 5 minutes on the phone fighting about what a "Zee" is just so someone can go on and totally fail to comprehend my problem because the error is coming from a Canadian system they aren't truly familiar with and customers they don't truly care about.

I found a reproducible error when they first introduced their marketplace where if you placed an order with items from both Walmart and a third-party seller, they would ship everything but only bill you for the Walmart portion. I called them and described the error and told them I would like to pay for the part that remained unpaid. They helpfully double-charged me for both the Walmart portion and the third-party seller portion. It took me 6 weeks and many many phone calls to the US to get them to reverse their brilliance. They denied there was an issue, they blew me off repeatedly. After that the bug still existed and I sure as hell didn't actively exploit it but when it happened in the normal course of my ordering I let it go because I am not going to spend a month and a half being punished for trying to do a good deed.

That is not my only Walmart IT story but we will leave it there for today, huh? These guys have to get a clue. Loblaws is going to roll them because Loblaws is doing everything right and Loblaws seems to be hiring people with a higher skill level for their IT and customer service Customer service is really the front-facing testing department where they take bug/incident reports and Walmart doesn't get that. Walmart gets an incident report and NO ONE in the entire company will let IT know that something occurred. They don't even document the interactions with their customers in the customer service centre properly.

Their eVoucher setup is ridiculous because you can't see the terms and conditions or expiries of any of the eVouchers. They sent me a new eVoucher by email recently and I kindof saved it but can't find it now and I'm not deeply concerned about that either. I have 5 eVouchers in my account for $20 off $75, 4 of them don't work because they are regional but I was able to add them to my account regardless and now can't delete them, one of them is the new one that should work but how am I going to tell them apart? Total trial and error and I can't see how many uses I have left unless I track it myself. Stellar, guys. Top notch work.

Amazon is selling all Walmart's highest volume items price-matched to Walmart and they will ship it to my house for free and I don't have to hit $50 or $75 to take advantage. The selection of sold by Amazon food and household items is really pathetic but it is just good enough to peel away customers.
Thanks for your contributions.
Some of it is interesting.
But people don't read WALLS of text.
More people would read you if you would get to the point and summarize.
What's the really important thing you want to say?
Look at the other posts: a few lines at most. :)
Upvoted anyway.
May 23, 2003
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Maybe Walmart plan is to have less cashiers who can do multiple price matches and force people to use self check out. With only 1 or 2 people monitoring the self check out working with one customer with multiple price matches is hard.

Most times when you have an item you want to price match the cashier has seen the item being price matched and knows the lower price already. I have price matched items and the cashier doesn't even look at my phone and enters the lower price. Not sure how much this will slow down checkout times.

I was at Walmart today with 5 price matches and the couple behind us complained that they didn't know Walmart had a 400 item check out line. I guess I was slowing down the line cause I bought to many items.
May 15, 2019
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It's Walmart's decision and I'm sure that they'll study the after-affects.

For example, folks don't just buy stuff for price matching purposes, on the same shopping trip they buy stuff like milk, bread, eggs, lottery tickets, treats, other items that are regular price or clearance/location specific sales (unadvertised special). All items that contribute to the store's profit.

By killing price matching at Walmart, those competitors who keep price matching should, in theory, gain extra business.

I know that I'll be favouring retailers that have the price matching option should I need it.
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Feb 22, 2016
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lecale wrote: ** useless BS snipped **
So how long will it take for Loblaws to kick Walmart out of Canada like Target? 1 year or 2?

One sentence answer. If you go longer, only 1st sentence will be read.
Friendly reminder #1: Kraprig cannot properly brew coffee. Get a Nespresso or a French press. You can thank me later.
Friendly reminder #2: Price matching is NOT the law. Never was, never will be. Nobody can stop you from shopping elsewhere.