Shopping Discussion Free CanadaPost Pickup - Anyone Use Successfully?

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  • Aug 28th, 2017 9:59 am
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Jul 30, 2008
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38 upvotes Free CanadaPost Pickup - Anyone Use Successfully?

A coworker told me they tried using the Walmart order feature where you ship it to a Canada Post nearby and pick it up from there. They said they tried two different CanadaPosts, and both ended up not allowing him to pick it up. Bothsaid they aren't allowed to let Walmart ship to them directly and have someone pick it up, and that although they do have the package, but they will need to let the pickup time run out (week or two) at which point they'll return to Walmart.

I don't have a car, so I'm debating if I should take a long walk, or try have it shipped to CanadaPost. Just wondering, has anyone successfully used the free CanadaPost pickup feature? Maybe if a bunch of people here had it successfully done, I can have it shipped to CanadaPost with relative confidence.

I realize this SHOULD work (otherwise it's kind of stupid of Walmart to even include this pickup feature at all), but want to get actual confirmations of it working or not working to see if my friend's two attempts at two different Canada Posts was a freak occurence or not. So, for only the RFDers who have actually tried this, and if you did try it, was it a success or a failure?
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Aug 14, 2001
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Yesva Scotia
I've used it many times in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
When the package arrives, they send me an email that I print and bring with me to pick up my package.
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Jul 30, 2008
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Good to hear, thanks for letting me know, very much appreciated!

I'll likely be trying it out then (either for next time when I'm not in a rush, or this order if I hear positive results from someone in Toronto over the weekend).
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Sep 19, 2002
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Done successfully at least a dozen times.

Sounds like your friend lives in some rural area? My neighborhood postal outlet has a big rack behind the counter holding close to 100 packages. Probably a quarter of those are clearly from Walmart with the red FlexDelivery sticker on them.
Jan 9, 2011
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Montreal, QC
I've done it successfully in both Montréal and in a rural area north of here. OP I would contact Canada Post to let them know about the situation in both outlets that caused you issues. There clearly exists an agreement between WM and CP as even the shipping waybills clearly state "ship to post office"...
Jul 11, 2006
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I have had a hard time. It depends on the staff member working. The issue with me was that my ID (specifically my address) didnt match the ship to address. Seems obvious it wouldnt match but the girl gave me a hard time saything she cant let it go. So after the second time I stopped ordering. I filed a complaint with Canada Post.
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Mar 11, 2017
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We just had an issue with it recently. Ordered a car seat for our newborn and had used the ship to the nearest CP location that used the Walmart feature... One was an actual CP post office the other location was a shoppers drug mart location with a CP mail desk. SDM was the closest if we had to walk to pick up so we chose it, the seat arrived but they refused to let us sign for and take it saying they don't accept "large items" and had already cleared it to be returned to sender. This caused an issue as we had a trip we were due to take and needed the seat, plus it was one only offered as an online order and not one you can just walk into Walmart and buy. I felt this should have been either stated on the Walmart online portion so you can choose a location that does accept large parcels or simply don't use such locations.
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May 11, 2007
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i used to order from WM and get it shipped to my nearest Canadapost outlet, when it was all free to get it shipped to Outlet with no minimum order required, but stopped it since they started charging $5 as handling fees for orders less than $50. And as far as someone else picking the order on your behalf, the other person can pick up the order online if he/She has the same address on their id as that of the item mailed.
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Dec 14, 2005
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I'm in Markham and I use to do it all the time. No issues. I actually prefer sending to Canada post than the in store lockers. That i've had issues with.