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[Walmart] GVRD (Vancouver Area): Walmart now has online groceries $20 off $50 - PICKUP ONLY

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  • Apr 15th, 2019 5:39 pm
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Oct 31, 2005
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Arrow wrote: Let us know how this goes since you have an item by weight involved (bananas).
Oh gosh. I just came back from the New West BC location EMPTY HANDED without ever getting my order. Here's my story.

1) Hearing the long wait times, I called ahead to get my order ready as the store is only 5 mins from my work. Took like 3 tries before someone actually picked up the phone.
2) Guy was fine and said he would have the order ready at customer service.
3) I show up at customer service. A lady who didn't speak any English was at the desk and seemed no clue what to do. Anyways, eventually figures out something on her handheld device and leaves the desk to what I assume get my order. She didn't say much.
4) I wait a while, no lady.
5) In frustration, I go to the store aisles and start grabbing the items I ordered. She is so slow I have time to grab items and check out.
6) I check the customer service desk again and she's still not back.
7) I just leave the store without my items. Will ask for a refund for them.

Long story short - this service SUCKS. AVOID the New West location at all cost. There were I think two other posters with negative experiences.

Would I do it again? Yes, only if there is a free voucher. By not getting any grocery items, I essentially got $20 off motor oil (that shipped with UPS so I don't need to go to store). I would just order a really small grocery item to use the voucher. Abandon the item and get refund.
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Jul 23, 2007
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recived a card
$30 off your first order

on eligilbe items minmium order of 50 before taxes
offer expires july 31 2019
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Feb 14, 2007
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I placed an order for 53.22 showed I applied the evoucher $20 but was still charged 53.22... talked to online chat.. guy keep saying I didn't apply evoucher.. didn't want to help and just refunded my order... what a waste of time.. I asked to speak with supervisor he said I have to call in and ended the chat with me.. called in the rep ended up just giving me a $50 evoucher with no minimum purchase? Guess I should be happy after all the time wasting? Assuming it works this time..
Nov 25, 2015
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the Wet Coast
Called and complained again as my voucher was to expire yesterday. Got a $20 voucher for anything. Not $50 but better than nothing I guess. At least I don't have to use it for their grocery pick up.
Sep 29, 2010
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danned wrote: recived a card
$30 off your first order

on eligilbe items minmium order of 50 before taxes
offer expires july 31 2019
I received this card too but when I go online to check the items I wanted to buy which are on sale from the flyer, nothing is available or on sale.
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Apr 25, 2011
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British Columbia
Picked mine up today. Everything went smoothly, I only odered prepackaged products; milk being the riskiest purchase. I had checked off that they could substitute and so they offered an option between two substitutions for one product ... I realised later on they managed to also give me a substitution on another product and the item I'd ordered without even mentioning anything to me. I see it was mentioned in the e-mail I'd recieved that morning however that the product was going to be substituted. I see I'm not the only one with this "issue". It was only 3 dollars so I don't feel too bad. So 50 dollars of items for 27 dollars.

I went to the Tsawwassen location; made something of a day of it. Took the dogs to the dog park out there and went to a few other stores at Tsawwassen Mills.