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Walmart online ordering into store pickup.

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  • Apr 9th, 2020 3:24 pm
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Dec 5, 2019
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Walmart online ordering into store pickup.

Hey ya'll,

Just a heads up - I would avoid shopping at walmart online and scheduling a pickup.

I tried ordering a hair clipper for my family last week which was clearly in stock but it wouldn't deliver to my house said we were outside the delivery range. I scheduled for a pickup and added a few more items (2 bags of spices, a bag of chips, etc) to
make it worth the trip/possible exposure to the virus since its only a 15-20 min drive from my house. The main necessity was really the clipper.

They waited 2 hours before my pickup time - a whole week later - to start assembling my 4 item order and of course now the clipper isn't in stock anymore. So they charged me 7$ for a bag of chips and 2 bags of spices and still expect
me to come pick it up.

There is no way in hell I am leaving my house to drive 20 mins there and 20 back to pickup a bag of chips and spices and possibly exposing myself to the virus (I know with precautions its a low chance but still). On the website there is no way to cancel, no way to contact them ''due to high demand and traffic''.

This is very first world problems but I feel like I just got robbed of 7,96$? They have a schedule with pickup times so there's only a certain amount of orders they're fulfilling per hour - you mean to tell me that they
couldn't prepare the order the day it was ordered? or even 2-3 days later? The clipper was in stock that whole time. And yes I could've gone to the store inside but I've been trying to do my part and avoid going into stores. We send
1 person to the grocery store every 2 weeks for the entire family - thats it.

I don't know it just rubs me the wrong way that I have no recourse. I can't cancel on my walmart account, they still went ahead and charged me for whatever item they could find today and expect me to come pick it up. The hassle
of calling them or my credit card company is just giving me a headache at this point but this incident alone will make me never shop there again.

So beware - either only order the item you want from them - not a whole cart - so that if they end up not having it when they prepare your order they just cancel the order for you and don't charge you - or avoid shopping with them all together.
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Jun 17, 2013
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It's definitely not ideal how they take so long before they start picking your order because like you mentioned, things can easily go in/out of stock during that time. With that said, you're not on the hook for those items that they did pick for you. Just don't pick your order up and you'll be refunded after about 7 days.
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Feb 7, 2015
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You can cancel your grocery order till 1am on your scheduled pickup date. Go to Order History then click the specific order then you can click "Cancel Order" link. It's a small blue text near your address info on the order summary. Or call that specific walmart location that you change your mind and not going to pickup your grocery on the scheduled pickup date. They would appreciate it instead of not notifying them that you're not interested to pick it up on that 7day period.

For non grocery order, you can cancel within 30mins from the time you placed the order.
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May 30, 2011
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Try calling the number of your local Walmart pick up (not the store, there’s a separate phone line just for pick ups). I remember I ordered some items and only 1 was in stock. It wasn’t worth my time to pick it up so I called that number and they were able to cancel my order.
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Dec 5, 2019
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Good to know that they do actually refund automatically if you don't pick it up after a few days.

It was more of a rant than anything - obviously the amount isn't astronomical but also I feel equally bad for taking up a pickup slot on their schedule thats already full a week ahead of time. Someone else could've made use of that slot I'm sure.

Appreciate the replies!

Stay safe everyone.